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Musica Nova Ensemble


A Tel-Aviv based collective of musicians and sound artists, exploring the radical branches of contemporary sound.

Since its establishment in 1986, Musica Nova has been at the forefront of Israel's experimental music scene, programming new works by Israeli and international composers. The collective premiered over 200 Israeli compositions, and continuously collaborates with renowned international composers and performers such as Michael Pisaro, Joan La Barbara and Morton Subotnik, Anthony Coleman, Jennifer Walsh, David Grubbs, Steven Takasugi and many others.

Informed in American experimentalism, the European Avant-garde and free improvisation, together with a multidisciplinary approach to the arts, the collective often bridges the gap between Concert Hall music and other artistic disciplines such as dance, video-art and theater.

The ensemble members comprise of Israel's finest performers and specialists in the field;

the artistic committee includes Amnon Wolman, Assaf Shatil, Shira Legmann, Yoni Niv, Tom Soloveitzik and Maayan Tzadeka.

Musica Nova is supported by the Ministry of cultural affairs and the City of Tel Aviv.

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