Photo by Hagai Cohen - Millo

Concert Pianist and Interdiciplinary Artist

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May 1st. 2021

J.S.Bach - Goldberg Variations

Saturday, 17:00

Kama - The Social Arts Mill, Kibbutz Shaar Haamakim

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May 20th, 2021

Versailles  -  Experimental music for Baroque instruments

Thursday, 20:00

Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv

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June 19th, 2021

White Night 

Musica Nova with pieces by Jürg Frey, Abthony Coleman, Maggi Payne, Eitan Steinberg and Amnon Wolman

Saturday, 20:30

HaTeiva,  Tel Aviv-Jaffe

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August 7th, 2021

Steve Reich -Music for 18 Musicians

Felicja Blumenthal Festival

Saturday, 20:30

Tel Aviv Museum for Arts, Tel Aviv-Jaffe

at Musrara Mix Festival
at Musrara Mix Festival

Photo by Tal Kantor